During 2008 & 2009, the project team visited over 50 bridge spans at 42 unique locations across 5 of the 7 MDOT regions (Metro, University, Grand, Southwest, and Bay).  From those visits, we originally identified 14 locations (some with multiple spans that could be monitored) for either episodic or continuous monitoring.  Those sites were identified in previous progress reports.  However, in subsequent visits to those locations for data collection, several sites were removed based on soil conditions.  The criteria for the final selected locations included: 

  • Bridges on the Scour Critical List - State and County Trunk lines
  • Lower Peninsula
  • Soil Characteristics - cohesive or semi-cohesive conditions
  • Proximity to USGS Gage Data
  • Access and ease of monitoring data collection
  • Absence of scour counter measures to allow for monitoring


A location maps of the nine sites and thirteen spans where episodic or continuous scour is being collected is provided below.