LID Tour

About Low Impact Development Tour 

Low Impact Development (LID), also known as conservation site design or green infrastructure, is a process of sustainable development that conserves and protects natural resources. LID manages rainwater where it falls by integrating natural systems and best management practices (BMPs) into the site. By having less water run off the land, non-point source pollution is reduced, watersheds are protected, and water quality is improved. LID is especially important in urban and urbanizing areas where it is crucial to promote water conservation, protect our waterways and enhance green space.

Lawrence Tech is home to numerous LID techniques including a green roof, bioswale, porous pavers, naturalized areas, cisterns, and rain gardens (see map). These techniques are highlighted in a new stormwater education trail funded by the Erb Family Foundation. The trail will provide educational benefits to a broad spectrum of the population including students, citizens, public policy makers, planners, landscape architects and engineers. 

LID Presentation