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Project Description

Michigan Sea Grant

Restoring Natural Flows in the Clinton River Watershed


Final Public Forum Presentation - June 06, 2012 

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Stakeholder Survey Results - March 05, 2012 

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This project will evaluate ecologically and economically sound approaches to managing the Clinton River. Researchers will utilize stakeholder input, a variety of existing data sources, and hydrologic and economic models to assess the causes, consequences and possible solutions for the current flow regime. The project will evaluate the impact of existing and potential river regulation policies on:

  • water quality
  • fish and wildlife habitat
  • recreational opportunities in and along the rive
  • flood control
  • property values and insurance costs
  • taxes, wages and business income
  • the influence of lake level control on adjoining lakes
  • the effect on lake level control on the watershed

Expected Outcomes
The overall goal of this Integrated Assessment is to develop a more comprehensive, holistic approach to water level management. The project will develop tools and metrics that can be used by policy makers to identify, evaluate, and build consensus for revised flow management policies. A more natural flow regime has the potential to create long-term benefits such as improved water quality and environmental health, increased recreational opportunities, reduced user conflicts, improved regional economic viability, and lower operational costs associated with lake level controls.

Get Involved
The project team will gather input from all concerned stakeholders including landowners, lake-owner and riparian owner associations, municipal governments, county agencies, watershed managers, permit agencies, businesses and recreational users. For more information about the project and upcoming public meetings contact
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