Project:research at LTU
Green Roof Monitoring and Evaluation

Project Supervisor:
Dr. Donald Carpenter, 

Research Assistant:
Preethi Kaluvakolanu,


Research Goals:

1. Determine the overall percent of precipitation retained and detained by the green roof.
2. Determine the nutrient loading attenuation capabilities of the green roof.
3. Determine the reduction in ambient temperature associated with the green roof.
4. Determine the reduction in stormwater temperature associated with the green roof.
5. Establish long-term monitoring station capable of determining the temporal performance of the green roof. 


Scope of Work:

The green roof is monitored to control peak runoff and make use as a best BMP. The research work includes installation of instruments on the roof, collection of rainfall data and monitoring the performance of the green roof. Currently a portion of the entire green roof, measuring 3496 square feet is monitored.

The green roof performance is compared with two other roofs which include an existing rock ballast roof adjacent to the green roof and conventional roof, acting as the control station. The three roofs will be instrumented to allow a comprehensive evaluation of performance. Various sampling instruments, sensors are equipped on the roofs to evaluate the runoff data.

The data received is then analyzed using Flowlink software and all the related calculations regarding the peak flows are calculated and graphs are generated. This process is followed for the three roofs and a comparison is made on the functioning of green roof. Measurements will be taken both on the water quantity and quality benefits associated with green roofs.