1. Avalanche Samplers:

Avalanche refrigerated sampler from ISCO is furnished with a refrigerated sampler, used for permanent site or portable, sequential, and composite sampling applications. It is capable of collecting samples from a variety of liquid sources and suited to collect priority pollutant or general purpose samples in multiple bottles or a single bottle. We use 14 bottle configuration samplers, 3 installed at the three sites at Lawrence Tech. These were programmed with all the necessary storm water input and then installed at the sites.

ISCO 730 Bubbler Flow Meter measures the pressure needed to force air bubbles out of the line, the water level is accurately determined. The 6700 Series or Avalanche Sampler then converts the level into flow rate. Three flow meters are installed on the three roofs, connected to the flumes and these record the flow in the sampler.


 2. ISCO 730 Bubbler Flowmeter:
ISCO 730 Bubbler Flowmeter


3. ISCO 674 Raingauge:

The rain gauge connects directly to Avalanche Samplers, uses a tipping bucket design for rainfall measurement. It has an 8-inch diameter orifice which is factory-calibrated to tip at either 0.01 inch or 0.1 mm of rainfall. One rain gauge is installed on the roof of the Science building which acts as the control roof. Flowlink 5 software is used for Data Retrieval & Analysis.


4. 4" Palmer-Bowlus Flumes:

Palmer-Bowlus Flumes

Three 4" Palmer-Bowlus flumes are installed at the three sites, beneath the roofs, with the help of  Lawrence Technological University's Campus Facilities. The avalanche sampler along with the 730 Bubbler flowmeter are connected using various hose connections as mentioned in the sampler's manual.


5. Temperature Sensors:
Temperature Sensors

MicroLite is a small data logger for monitoring and recording temperature, it is the ultimate plug and record data logger. MicroLite data is clearly displayed on the logger's numeric screen and the stored MicroLite data can be downloaded automatically to the MicroLab Lite software. Two loggers are used on the green roofs, one on the ballast roof and the fourth one on the black roof that acts as the control site. Data is set to be recorded for every fifteen minutes and it is collected after a considerable number of days.


6. Flowlink software:

The software used for the data retrieval and analysis from the green roofs, calculates the flow discharges, generates graphs and monitors the effective functioning of the roofs. All data is stored in an industry-standard Microsoft Access® database, and can be organized based on monitoring projects or geographic location.