Criminal Reporting

Please remember that if someone is in immediate danger or needs immediate medical attention, the first place to report is 911. You may also report to the University’s Campus Security. Some forms of discrimination and harassment may also be crimes. For example, sexual assault, stalking and rape are crimes. Criminal reports should be made to law enforcement, even if it is uncertain whether the particular conduct is a crime. Calling local law enforcement can help you: Obtain emergency and nonemergency medical care; get immediate law enforcement response for your protection; understand how to provide assistance in a situation that may escalate to more severe criminal behavior; arrange a meeting with victim advocate services; find counseling and support; initiate a criminal investigation; and answer questions about the criminal process.

Who to Report to

First Call: 911

University Campus Security:  248.204.3945

In order to preserve any physical evidence of a sexual offense, victims of sexual assault are urged not to bathe, shower, use any feminine douche or change clothing. Such victims should go immediately to a medical facility of their choice to receive medical treatment if needed and to ensure that the appropriate examinations are conducted to collect the necessary physical evidence of the assault. (3) The cost of medical treatment or examination of the victim of a sexual assault for physical evidence shall be charged to the political sub-division where the offense occurred.