Confidential Support

Behavior which is impermissible under this policy should be reported. If a Complainant would like the details of an incident to be kept confidential, such complaints may be made to any of the following Confidential Resources: Clinical Counseling Services

Clinical Counseling Services

To schedule an appointment with a clinician:
Call 248.204.4100 or email


Every effort is made by LTU to preserve the privacy of reports. The University will not share the identity of any individual who has made an anonymous report or complaint of harassment or retaliation; including the conducting of any investigation, hearing, or conflict proceeding arising under these policies and procedures.

Information will be shared as necessary with Investigators, Hearing Panel members/Decision-makers, witnesses, and the parties. The circle of people with this knowledge will be kept as tight as possible to preserve the parties’ rights and privacy.

LTU may contact individuals to inform them of situations in which there is a significant and articulable health and/or safety risk but will usually consult with the employee first before doing so.