Taubman Center at night

The A. Alfred Taubman Student Services Center, supported entirely by philanthropy, was the centerpiece of a campaign that raised over $46 million to strengthen retention and student success, create new endowed scholarships, and enhance the campus experience.

The 42,000-square-foot Taubman Center not only meets the requirements of the important student services functions it is designed to house, it is also a "living laboratory" of sustainable design and engineering. It also will utilize the latest in energy-efficient and environmentally-friendly designs and technologies to qualify for the coveted LEED green building certification.

The innovative architecture and engineering of the A. Alfred Taubman Student Services Center mirror its greater purpose: to provide innovative, seamless, and organic service to Lawrence Tech's students. The building brings together all the services students require to succeed: the Academic Achievement CenterOffices of Admissions, Career Services, Dean of Students, Financial Aid, Registrar, and Student Activities; Student Computing Center; and the Welcome Center.

Designed to address the needs of the whole student-academic, personal, and financial-this one-stop shop aims high: to increase student productivity, create a sense of community, and provide new opportunities for collaborative learning. Cross-trained employees are able to answer many questions immediately, eliminate confusion, or efficiently guide visitors to the right department. The open, relaxed design of the Taubman Center encourages an atmosphere of teamwork, unity, and cooperation.

The Taubman Center not only puts Lawrence Tech's students, their concerns, and success at the physical heart of campus, but also at the core of Lawrence Tech's mission and delivery of services.

For more information about the Taubman Center's innovations call, 248.204.2206

Enrollment Services and the Office of the Registrar can be reached at 248.204.2280