Students must take at least one course offered by each of the Lawrence Tech colleges as part of the Graduate Certificate in Interdisciplinary Sustainability. Additional credits to satisfy the certificate may be selected from any courses which appear on the following list. These pre-approved classes have been deemed pertinent for interdisciplinary students, and do not require extensive pre-existing knowledge.

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College of Architecture & Design

ARC 5422 Environmental Issues
ARC 5442 High Performance Building Evaluations
ARC 5693 Sustainable Urbanism
ARC 5832 Preservation Issues

College of Arts & Science

LLT 6012      Literature of the Built Environment
SSC 6012      Social Responsibility and Community Action

College of Engineering

ECE 5353      Environmental Management
ECE 5113      Sustainable Construction Practice

College of Management

GLM 6343      Creating Business Sustainability
MIS 7463      Virtual Work Environments