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Blue Devil Motorsports Supermileage

What is SAE Supermileage?

Engineering students design and fabricate a fuel-efficient vehicle that will achieve the highest possible miles per gallon in competition by integrating and implementing aerodynamics and mechanical concepts. The competition consists of a series of basic tests which include: roll-bar stress, braking, maneuverability, egress, and visibility. Not only do the students challenge more than 30 teams from across the world, but also themselves to achieve better gas mileage with each run that is completed.

Students must handle fundraising and generate financial support for their vehicle and manage their educational priorities as well as function within a team to conceptualize, design, build, test, promote, and race within the limits of the race rules. Managing time, learning new concepts, collaborating with teammates, and learning communication skills are all integrated into the building of the SAE Supermileage vehicle.

Benefits of SAE Supermileage

  • Apply classroom concepts to real-world problems. Statics, dynamics, materials, electronics: it all has a place in SAE Supermileage.
  • Collaboration builds a better product. We work together to design a car, solve problems, and represent our university on an international stage.
  • Explore entrepreneurship through a business-focused vehicle design. Pitch sponsors, network with industry, and develop timelines.

2022 Team Leaders

Chris Kaju

    Trent Fritsma

    Scott Maidens

Marc Ruffino Liping Liu, PhD


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