What exactly is Student Government?

It offers an opportunity for students to better themselves and their University through involvement in campus activities.events, and committees. All interested students are encouraged to attend meetings and express their views. Enrolled students are also encouraged to take a leadership position in the Senate or on the Executive Board.

What is Student Government in a nutshell?

Student Government is the “middleman” between the Administration and students. As the active bridge between the students, faculty, staff and the Administration, Student Government's goal is to foster a positive relationship with the faculty, university, and the greater community, in order to promote student responsibility and success. This is done through open discussion on university issues and propositions to foster our collegiate experience by serving the needs of the students.

How does it work?

The Student Government is composed of three interacting branches working in cooperation with each other; the Legislative branch, an Executive branch, and a Judicial branch.

  • All legislative duties of this governing body shall reside within the Student Senate
  • All executive duties of this governing body shall reside within the Executive Board
  • All judicial duties of this governing body shall reside within the Judicial Review Committee.

What has Student Government Accomplished?

Each year, StuGov works to establish district resolutions to help bring about change on campus. Some of our accomplished resolutions are as follows:

  • Helped establish a Smoke-Free LTU Campus.
  • Establishing Martin Luther King Jr. Day as a school holiday.
  • Moving forward on the initiative to transform Lawrence Tech into a 24-Hour Campus.
  • Updating the “Guest-Pass” System in both North and South Housing.