Study Abroad Checklist 

  • Determine Eligibility for Study Abroad
    • Is your cumulative GPA at Lawrence Tech at least 2.50?
    • Have you attended LTU for at least 2 semester or completed 24 credit hours at LTU?
  • If you answered no to either, you are not eligible to study abroad at this time
  • Research Study Abroad Options
  • Complete Study Abroad Interest form
  • Confirm Application Deadline at Host School
    • Work with Host School to submit required documentation for application
    • Application deadline is based on semester of interest
  • Submit Application to Host School
    • Work with Host School to complete application & entrance requirements
    • Host School will also provide details about what is necessary to study there
    • Confirm living arrangements with Host School
  • Meet with LTU Academic Advisor
    • Bring a list of courses, and course descriptions at the Host School to determine what courses best fit in your LTU degree plan
    • They will need to sign off on the Study Abroad Credit Request form
  • Meet with your Financial Aid Counselor
    • They will help determine if you financial aid can be applied towards the semester(s) abroad
    • They will need to sign off on the Study Abroad Credit Request form
  • Complete Study Abroad Credit Request Form
    • This form is from Enrollment Services & will need to be signed by the following people:
      • Study Abroad Advisor
      • LTU Academic Advisor
      • Financial Aid Advisor
    • Once completed, this form must be turned in to Enrollment Services for processing
  • Complete Semester(s) Abroad
  • Submit Final Transcripts to Enrollment Services
    • Request them to be sent directly to Enrollment Services prior to leaving Host School
    • Failure to submit the transcripts could result in not receiving credit for the appropriate classes

Contact us:

A. Alfred Taubman Student Services Center, C405