Credits and Grades

Remember that credits and grades for all coursework that you take overseas will be recorded on your Lawrence Tech transcript as CR/NC only. This means that the grades will not count in your GPA. It is your responsibility to ensure that a course for which you receive credit/no credit will count toward your major or minor. You do this by meeting with your advisor, and completing the Guest Credit process.

Note to Graduating Seniors

It is important that you maintain close contact with Lawrence Tech's Office of the Registrar if you are studying abroad during your final semester at Lawrence Tech. Before departing your host country, you must inform your host institution that you are planning to graduate and ask that your transcript be expedited. Inform the Office of Registrar that you intend to graduate so that we know to process the transcript quickly once it arrives. Please note that it is impossible for Lawrence Tech to guarantee that your grades will be submitted in time for you to graduate.

Contact us:

A. Alfred Taubman Student Services Center, C405