Miss Lawrence Tech

Things You and Your Family Should Know if you are selected Miss Lawrence Tech ....

Miss Michigan
If you are selected Miss Lawrence Tech, you must compete in the Miss Michigan Pageant held in Muskegon, MI (June).  And if you win Miss Michigan you must compete in the Miss America Competition, held in Atlantic City (September). For more information on the Miss Michigan Organization please visit: www.missmichigan.org.

Orientation Weekend
This is a workshop weekend for Miss Lawrence Tech, her family, friends and the pageant franchises. There will be contestant meetings, parent meetings, informal sessions and a dinner. MISS LAWRENCE TECH IS REQUIRED TO BE IN ATTENDANCE. The weekend is usually the first weekend in March. Family members, ESPECIALLY PARENTS, are strongly encouraged to be in attendance. Cost is around $75 per person. Miss Lawrence Tech is free of charge.

Pageant Tickets
The Miss Michigan Pageant tickets are approximately $100 for a set of 3 tickets (Thursday through Saturday). The Miss Michigan Pageant takes place the second week in June. Contestants will be in Muskegon starting the Monday before. Parents, Family, Friends and Franchises will arrive in Muskegon on Thursday, in time for the first night of preliminary competition. Hotel rooms are available throughout Muskegon but reservations should be made early. The following hotels have proven to be good:

1) Holiday Inn – Muskegon Harbor
2) Shoreline Hotel
3) Fairfield by Marriott

Have your parents, family and friends make reservations EARLY.

Time spent preparing for Miss Michigan is crucial to your success at the pageant so family, friends, boyfriends etc. ALL need to be very SUPPORTIVE. This is a very time consuming and hectic preparation period. Having this information prior to winning Miss Lawrence Tech will be helpful for loved ones to plan their days in Muskegon.

Expected Costs
It is free to enter the Miss Lawrence Tech Pageant, as well as any Miss America preliminary competition. After you have won a title, the preparation begins for the Miss Michigan Pageant and there is a financial obligation. More information is below.

The Miss Lawrence Tech Pageant will supply the following during your reign as Miss Lawrence Tech:

Assistance with selection of competition clothing

  • Interview coaching
  • Appearance scheduling
  • Talent critiquing
  • Physical training from LTU Recreation

You and your family will be responsible for the following costs:

Competition wardrobe:

  • Opening number outfit - approx. $100 (the Miss Michigan producer will determine the cost each year. It is due at orientation in March)
  • Evening gown - varies, most girls spend in the $100s or more. Feel free to borrow or rent your gown.
  • Swimsuit - varies
  • Talent outfit - varies
  • Interview outfit - varies, not conservative

Cost of Orientation for parents - $80 per person
Cost of Miss Michigan tickets – approximately $100 per person for the whole week of competition or $30 per night per person ($30 for Final Night of Competition)
Cost of Hotel stay during Miss Michigan week (4 nights usually averages $250)
Miss Michigan Family and Friends Luncheon tickets $25 – (optional)

Miss Michigan After Glow Celebration tickets $25 - (optional but recommended)
Purchasing professional pictures during the Miss Michigan Pageant – Approx $150 for a package – (optional)
Purchasing the Miss Michigan video – Approx $100 – (optional)

*This is a breakdown of most of the costs you and your family can incur if you are crowned Miss Lawrence Tech. Discuss this with your parents and family and prepare for next year in advance. 

Now that you've read all of this... Let's get started:

Manual Contract

Other important documents:


Children's Miracle Network (CMN) Donation Documents

Any questions, please contact Eula Muckleroy at 248.204.4106 or LawrenceTech@missmichigan.org.