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Delta Tau Sigma Sorority – Mission Statement: "To promote and enhance the unique attributes and strengths of the independent LTU women." Strength, Sisterhood, Friendship

Society of Dramatic Arts (SODA) is a student organization dedicated to the performing arts. This community welcomes any actors, set builders, costume designers, and techies, old and new.


On a campus where we're all busy going to class, working, and being active in our community, a socially-distanced campus makes getting to know new people difficult. The best way to get your message out there is to say it with a video.

The intent of these videos is to show an authentic representation of the organization and members in the organization. This does not have to be a slick professional video set to music (but it helps keep interest), we are looking for real members talking about what the organization means to them.

The videos can be submitted here using any video platform and once your video is approved it will be available on this Student Engagement web page. The videos will remain available through the spring semester. What's that, your organization already has a video? Great! Use it, as long as it meets our parameters we will consider it. 

Before you get started

You must be an approved Student Government RSO for the 2020–21 year.
  • If you have not registered your organization please do that soon (email Student Government at
  • If you have already registered your organization and received an official registration verification from student government you are free to submit a video
  • RSOs that submit a video but are not registered prior to Aug. 24 will not be included in the virtual video link.
  • All videos need to be uploaded using this Google Form and submitted no late than August 21.
Video Guidelines
  • Videos should be between 2 to 4 minutes in length.
  • Less than 1GB of data
  • Videos should include:
    • 1-2 members (appropriately socially distanced) talking about the organization and what it means to them and what it has to offer new Blue Devils
    • Any information about membership dues
    • Any information about membership requirements
    • Any information about GPA requirements
    • Photos from events
    • Information about how to contact someone to get more information about the organization

New student organizations or organizations who have not been an RSO for more than 12 months will not receive RSO status in time to meet our deadlines. It is highly recommended that you work to become an RSO this year for the benefits. Organizations can still register to participate in the virtual and in-person organization fair.

Don't forget to register your student organization for the 2020 Organization Fair, Register here