The LTU Campus Safety Department patrols campus grounds 24 hours per day, 365 days per year. In order for the campus to maintain a safe environment; it requires the efforts and cooperation of the University population as well as the Campus Safety Department.

We recommend you put these numbers in your cell phone:
Campus Safety Central 24 hour: 248.204.3945
Campus Hot Line: 248.204.2222
*The Hot Line also known as the status line provides information on campus emergencies or closures, canvas and Banner systems status, and general event.


For more information about campus safety see the campus safety webpage: Campus Safety

Public Safety and Welfare Regulations

The Department of Campus Safety is charged with the responsibility of keeping good order on campus. The regulations that outline our duties and responsibilities may be obtained by viewing the "Safety and Security" section of the Student Handbook.  

Lost or Stolen Laptop

If your laptop is lost or stolen please contact IT Services.

ICE Program for Cell Phones

ICE stands for "In Case of Emergency". LTU Safety recommends that you enter ICE numbers into your cell contact list. In the event that you are unconscious or are in need of emergency medical treatment first responders, to accidents and emergencies, are trained to look for ICE in your cell phone address book.

Example: "ICE Home" 248.000.0000, "ICE1 (Spouses) Work" 248.000.0000

LTU Parking and Traffic Regulations

Please see pages 68 - 74 of the Student Handbook.


For information about reporting emergencies and personal safety topics please see the Student Handbook. Click on the topic titled "Safety & Security".