Commuter Safety Tips

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To find out if the campus is closed due to weather, call 248.204.2222

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For carpooling with only LTU students/staff/faculty check out the A+ LTU Carpool site in Google. 

  1. Sign in to your LTU issued Google email account.
  2. From email viewing page, select "Sites," at the top left corner of page
  3. Click on "Browse sites with in" 

For Carpooling with other community members in the area, click here to enter or here to enter Please note that these two sites are free and are not affiliated with the University; all use is at your own discretion.

10 Tips for Successful Carpooling

1. Determine your route and schedule. Establish the morning pickup point(s) and a place to meet for the trip home.

2. Decide on a schedule for driving responsibilities. Lay out who drives and if and when members take their turn driving.

3. Establish a plan for reimbursing driving expenses. If the driving is not shared equally among members, decide what is a fair share for those not using their own vehicle as part of the carpool.

4. Be on time. Make sure all members of the carpool have a way to contact one another in case someone is running late or needs to make alternate plans.

5. Establish policies concerning smoking, use of cell phones, music and volume, food and drink. Carpoolers who talk about possible irritants in the beginning have a better experience and are more likely to continue carpooling with a positive attitude.

6. Determine the best way to communicate among members. If a driver is ill, or will not be going to work one day, an alternate driver should be contacted to make sure other carpool members have a ride. If a member is ill or will not be going to school, the driver needs to be contacted as soon as possible.

7. Communicate about upcoming schedule changes. Be considerate of carpool members and remember to give them plenty of time to make adjustments for vacations and days you know you won't be going to school.

8. Drive carefully and keep vehicles in good working order. There should be an understanding that speeding, recklessness, and driving impaired are unacceptable. 

9. Make carpooling the purpose. The group was formed to save expenses on commuting to and from school, do not allow members to use it as an errand service.

10. Respect your fellow carpoolers.  If one member really needs quiet time in the morning, respect that need. Members of successful carpools are in a continual give and take situation. 

Courtesy of  Boise State Carpool Connection

Closest Gas Stations

Speedway: Corner of Northwestern Highway and Evergreen
Mobil: Corner of Lahser and 11 Mile
Shell: Corner of Lahser and 11 mile
BP: Corner of 10 Mile and Evergreen
Sunoco: Corner of Lahser and 11 Mile
Marathon: Corner of Lahser and Northwestern Highway

Free Car Wash!
Show your LTU student ID at the Shell station at 11 Mile and Lahser, and with every gas purchase of $20 or more, receive a free car wash!

Discounted Mechanic Services! 
Show your LTU student ID at the Shell at 11 Mile and Lahser, and receive a 10% discount on all car repair services by an ASC certified mechanic!


Save money on gas

For local gas prices, click on the "Fuel Finder" link on this site: Local Gas Prices

    • The easiest and fastest way to improve gas mileage is to replace your car's air filter. You can get up to 25 extra miles from a tank of gas with a clean filter (the equivalent of 24 cents a gallon in gas).
    • A tune-up can give you an extra 100 miles (or about five miles a gallon).
    • Rotating your tires (and replacing them when needed) and balancing your alignment will improve your mileage as well, as uneven tires cause your car to work harder.
    • Before you hit the road inflate your tires properly.
    • Go the speed limit. 8 miles an hour over may not get you a ticket but it will burn more gas.
    • Lighten your load by getting rid of the junk in your trunk.
    • Park in the shade and/or use a sunshade while parked to avoid using the AC at its highest setting to cool down your car.
    • Gradually accelerate, drive evenly, avoid weaving, and avoid hard stops.
    • Fill up on weekdays because prices usually rise on the weekend. The cheapest times to buy gas are typically Tuesday midday or Wednesday morning.
    • Fill up at night because pumps deliver more gas when temperatures are lower.
    • Keep your gas cap on tight. Tightening the gas cap on your car will prevent gas from evaporating and escaping into the air.
    • Avoid gas stations near freeways, because prices are often higher there.
    • Know Where To Buy Gas - locating the service station with the lowest prices has become a popular game.
    • Think of alternatives to driving solo. Carpool with others when possible, sharing fuel costs and reducing wear and tear on your vehicle.

Car Trouble?

If any LTU student has car trouble on campus, they are encouraged to call Campus Safety at: 248.204.3945.  

Campus Safety will assist students by changing a flat tire, jumping a battery, getting gas in portable containers, vehicle towing, lockouts, and most other problems. 

In the event that a student needs a tow truck, locksmith, or to meet a family member with keys, Campus Safety will pick up the student and bring him/her to Safety Central in the CSC building. Here, students can wait safely for the locksmith, tow truck, or family member, and will also have access to a phone where they can make calls.