Meeting Schedule and Topics
(hosted monthly in room M215B):

  • Meet and greet new student veterans
  • Organizational ideas
  • How to make the best use of space available
  • Scholarship opportunities
  • General current LTU events and opportunities
  • Discuss major veterans events happening throughout each semester


  • Yearly LTU Veteran’s Scholarship Dinner (spring)
  • Annual local community events (Christmas, Thanksgiving, giving back to the needy, Toys for Tots, canned food drives, etc.)
  • Helping and supporting other local SVA’s fundraisers and events throughout the year

Veterans and Memorial Day Ceremony

Annual event to pay respect and homage to the veterans past present and future. Help and support from the Southfield VFW and Southfield police department for the ceremony.


  • Veterans Day Ceremony
  • Memorial Day Ceremony
  • SVA National Conferences
SVA National ConferenceLTU Veterans Group students at the SVA National Conference