All active organizations at LTU have the opportunity to receive funding from Student Government. 

The Student Government Senate will vote on approving or denying the funds. All submissions are due by 12pm on the Friday prior to the next senate meeting. 

Make sure your representative is prepared to give background information on the funds being requested such as:

  • What is the event?
  • How much money are you requesting?

Process of Requesting Funds:

  1. Review ALL Money Request Guidelines
  2. Once the Request meets ALL requirements, complete the Money Request Form. The Request will be automatically sent to the Student Government E-Board.
  3. A Student Government E-Board member will contact you about:
    1. Confirming the Money Request Form
    2. Sending a representative from your organization to an upcoming Student Government Senate Meeting to have the Money Request approved
  1. If the Senate approves the funds, complete the Money Reimbursement Form and submit it to along with proper receipts within two weeks of the event.
  2. A Student Government E-Board member will contact you about receiving the Money Reimbursement Form.