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Student Life Important Forms


This form must be completely and correctly filled out for members of organizations in which academic information must be shared with governing bodies (i.e. IFC, SC, other organizations). Once completed, submit the form to the Office of Enrollment Services at the One Stop Center.

Authorization to Release Limited Information PDF

This form is for LTU student events, course projects and organizational use only. Form must be completed by an LTU student in order to request spaces on campus to hold meetings and events. Be sure to check  25Live  to make sure the space you are requesting is available. Be sure to submit the form  at least one week prior to the event . Must use a Lawrence Tech email account to complete the form. Requests are only processed during standard business hours, Monday through Friday.

Request a room

Please fill out this form so that our graphics team can create the best designs for your needs! We will get back to you as soon as we can once you have submitted the form. Printing will not be completed by the design team or Student Engagement. Design request must be sent at least three weeks prior to the due date. Please allow at least a week for the first draft to be created. No more than three revisions before the final deliverable is ready.

Request a design

The facilities form must be submitted to Campus Facilities (setups@ltu.edu) in order to get tables and chairs, as well as other items, if needed at an event or meeting. Campus Facilities requests that forms be submitted two weeks in advance. In order to submit a Facilities Request Form you must first submit a Room Request Form (above) and wait to receive your confirmation number.

Facilities Setup Request Form

This form must be submitted to the Media Services Department (av@ltu.edu) in order to request projectors, microphones, or other audio or visual equipment need for an event or meeting. Media Services requires that forms be submitted at least two weeks prior to event date. Media services will not handle microphone or media needs for auditorium A200. Media requests for A200 should go to the Architecture Resource Center, in room A131.

Media Services Equipment Request Form PDF

This form must be completely and correctly filled out to request that E-Learning be present at your event to record video for a digital archive. Be sure to submit the form at least two weeks prior to event.

Audio-Visual and Social Media Services

Aramark is our premier food provider on campus. The partnership with Aramark prohibits the use of outside food, including homemade dining options for events. If you would like Aramark to consider a request for you to bring in outside food for an event, please complete the form and submit it to the Dining services office in the Buell Building.

Food Waiver Form  PDF

The use of this document is to inform the University of any overnight travels a student organization participates in. For more information you can email: stuevent@ltu.edu .