Do you want to represent your fellow peers and help make the student experience better on campus?

Be a part of Student Government Senate and let your student voice be heard!

Senators head their own campus projects. For example, senators in past years have worked on getting more blue light phone stations around campus, improving the interfaith lounge, and improving more water bottle refilling stations around campus. This year, the senate will continue some of these projects that were started last year, and work on other service projects that the students of LTU would benefit from. In addition, Student Government as a whole, is working a lot closer with other organizations on campus, such as The Black Student Union (BSU) to improve the campus environment for all students.

Senator applications are being accepted from Monday, August 23rd until Sunday, September 5th at 11:59pm . Elections will be on September 6th . You must have a minimum of a 2.3 GPA to apply. To apply, fill out the Senator Application .

For more information email  stugov@ltu.edu . For more updates about Student Government events follow us on social media @ltustudentgov on Instagram and @ltustugov on twitter.