STEM Summer Series

The Summer STEM Series program (also known as S3) is for students entering seventh, eighth, and ninth grades. The S3 curriculum consists of interactive STEM activities focused on problem-solving, teamwork, and place-based projects. 

Through these activities, students acquire essential STEM knowledge and comprehension but also nurture skills that they can apply in their future academic endeavors and social interactions. 

The S3 program benefits from the expertise of LTU's faculty, staff, and students, who provide access to leading-edge STEM learning content. Participants are encouraged to explore their individual STEM interests within advanced learning environments such as state-of-the-art engineering, environmental, and biological classrooms, on-campus rainwater gardens, and other innovative learning spaces.

Every year, the S3 program undergoes a rigorous continuous improvement cycle that incorporates comprehensive feedback from participants and educators. This process also integrates relevant learning practices focused on fostering STEM career development.

In 2023, four one-week, full-day STEM camps were held in cohorts of 24 students from the Wayne-Westland, Allen Park and Riverview school districts. Students worked on projects including watershed management, water sampling, bacteria analysis, soil testing, horticulture and rainwater garden analysis. Activities also included 3D rendering, 3D printing, laser cutting, computer coding, Programming autonomous drones, robotics, and much more. 

Interested in reserving a week (or more) of S3 for your school or district?

Contact us today at 248-204-2663 or marburgerstemcenter@ltu.edu because space is very limited!