K-12 STEAM Outreach Initiatives

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Dr. Sibrina Collins
Executive Director
The Marburger STEM Center

Jay Jessen, MEd
Assistant Director
Marburger STEM Center

Detroit Area Pre-College Engineering Program (DAPCEP) is a Detroit-based non-profit that provides STEM programming to underrepresented metropolitan Detroit youth in kindergarten through 12th grade. Along with its corporate and eight university partners, DAPCEP serves more than 4,000 students each year at no cost to its students. See more information here

Lawrence Tech is proud to continue our partnership with the state of Michigan's King Chavez Parks (KCP) Initiative to expand support for students who are financially or academically at risk, non-traditional or first-generation, or from traditionally underserved populations. The program is named in honor of civil rights pioneers Martin Luther King, Jr., Cesar Chavez, and Rosa Parks. 

We offer many different workshops within STEM and DESIGN fields.

Hidden Figures: Let's Code!

This hands-on interactive workshop introduces participants to the C computer programming language. Learn to successfully write code!

Basic Urban Design Workshop

This workshop is focused on exposing high school students to the process of community design through an interactive activity. The students will be given the opportunity to solve global issues through a small-scale design project utilizing critical thinking, the design process, urban design methods, inclusive planning and resource management. 
For more information regarding K-12 STEAM outreach initiatives and partnerships, please contact Dr. Sibrina Collins (scollins@ltu.edu).

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