About Us

The Marburger STEM Center at LTU serves as the central hub for all K-12 STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) initiatives and activities on campus, with a strong emphasis on creativity, innovation, and inclusivity. 

We focus on three key areas: community engagement through K–12 educational programming; fostering educational collaboration between LTU students, staff, and faculty; and developing industry connections to help bridge the gap between education and practical application.

Located within the A. Alfred Taubman Engineering, Architecture, and Life Sciences Complex, the Marburger STEM Center at LTU has been operating since 2016. The STEM Center offers and array of imaginative and comprehensive programs both on campus and within the local community. 

Vision Statement

To increase the number of students interested in STEM and design careers by expanding the traditional disciplines of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics to include subjects such as architecture, information technology, computer science, health care, robotics, the technological humanities, and many others.

Mission Statement

The Marburger STEM Center strives to empower a diverse and inclusive community of STEM learners by providing innovative educational programming.

Meet our Director


Jay Jessen

Marburger STEM Center

E jjessen@ltu.edu
P 248.204.2662

Jessen brings nearly twenty years of experience in higher education to his role as director of the Marburger STEM Center. Prior to joining LTU, he served as an instructor and instructional designer for Warrior Success, a first-year seminar-style class at Wayne State University's Ilitch School of Business. Concurrently, he worked as an academic advisor for various programs in the business school, including global supply chain management, information systems management, and entrepreneurship and innovation. Jessen also held multiple positions in admissions and enrollment management at various public and private universities in Michigan. Beyond higher education, he has professional experience as a recruiter for automotive manufacturers and tier 1 suppliers.

Jessen holds a Bachelor of Science degree in geography with a minor in environmental sciences from Western Michigan University. He also earned a Master of Education degree in learning design and technology from Wayne State University. Currently, he is pursuing a Doctorate of Education.

At LTU, Jessen initially joined as the assistant director of the STEM Center in August 2021. Since then, he assumed the role of Director. Jessen and his team work closely with K-12 educators and administrators to create engaging educational experiences for students. One of Jessen's primary goals is to empower as many K-12 students as possible to explore the exciting and fulfilling career opportunities available through STEM and design education.

Meet our Program Coordinator
& Summer Camps Manager


Carl Grolle

Program Coordinator
Summer Camps Manager

E cgrolle@ltu.edu
P 248.204.2665

Grolle is set to graduate with a Bachelor of Science in Biomedical Engineering from LTU in May 2024. His journey with the Marburger STEM Center began in November 2021 as a Student Ambassador, progressing to Lead Student Ambassador, Lead Student Assistant, and now holding the position of Program Coordinator. Passionate about hands-on STEM education, Grolle aspires to spark interest in the next generation of STEM innovators.

Currently, Grolle also serves as the Summer Camp Manager at LTU, where he and his team orchestrate a diverse range of summer programming on campus. He ensures a vibrant and enriching experience for camp participants, offering a unique blend of educational and recreational activities. This position allows Grolle to apply his leadership skills to create an engaging and inspiring environment, fostering a love for STEM disciplines among the campers.

His commitment to STEM education dates back to high school, where he contributed to FIRST Robotics through community outreach initiatives and mentoring elementary school teams. Eager to continue this impactful work, Grolle envisions fostering an engaged community of STEM learners through the Marburger STEM Center.

Marburger STEM Ambassadors

The mission and vision of the Marburger STEM Center could not be accomplished without the extraordinary contributions of our student STEM ambassadors!

Ambassadors range from first-year students to graduate students and come from multidisciplinary academic programs. The ambassadors go through training to learn STEM and design concepts for outreach programming and are given the opportunity to create programming based on their academic majors and interests.

Are you an LTU student and interested in becoming an LTU STEM Ambassador? Let us know.



Transportation Design

Hi there! My name is Gavin and I am studying Transportation Design here at LTU. I spend most of my time on campus working hard for my classes, playing an active role on campus through my fraternity Sigma Phi Epsilon, and exposing students to STEM through my position as a STEM Ambassador! Some of my favorite pastime activities include painting and drawing, playing soccer, and spending time with my adventurous dog, Tuxedo!



Interior Design

Hello! My name is Madi and I am studying Interior Design here at Lawrence Tech. I am very active on campus especially in the interiors program as the student ambassador for the International Interior Design Association (IIDA). I spend most of my time in the interior studios, fulfilling my role as a Resident Assistant, or working for the STEM Center. Outside of my responsibilities, I enjoy activities such as playing soccer, baking, hanging out with my friends, and surprisingly cleaning!



Mechanical Engineering

Hello, my name is Giovanni but I usually go by Gio. I'm currently an undergraduate student studying mechanical engineering at LTU. A fun fact about me is that I played hockey for about 14 years. Now in my free time, I like to play golf. I am always open for questions and I am available for help whenever someone needs it. My #1 priority is to make sure everyone has a good time learning!



Biomedical Engineering

Hello! My name is Zavier and I am Studying Biomedical Engineering. I am an active student on campus, being a member of the Men's Soccer Team and Tutoring in the AAC. I love technology, math, and medicine. I enjoy combining these aspects of education to engineer medical solutions. I enjoy helping others explore the world of STEM, and encourage others to be curious to make new discoveries.

Annual Reports

Each year, we proudly celebrate the accomplishments of the Marburger STEM Center's commitment to our mission and vision, and to our local community. To date, we have achieved many key milestones and set many LTU records for K-12 outreach. This is challenging but important work -- and could not be completed without the dedication of the Marburger STEM Center team, including our incredible student ambassadors, as well as support from LTU campus community.

Each annual report highlights the collaborative efforts and accomplishments of our faculty, students, staff, and the entire Southeast Michigan community.

We sincerely thank the entire community for their continuous support of the Marburger STEM Center at LTU!

The 2022 Annual report will be posted soon.