Industry Sponsored Project Agreement PDF - Lawrence Tech has developed a master agreement to assist academic departments in administering industry-sponsored projects in which students are involved.

Faculty members should refer to "The Researcher Guidebook," published by the University-Industry Demonstration Partnership at Georgia Tech for best practices in industry-academic partnerships.

Industry Sponsored Capstone or Sponsored Research?

Industry Sponsored Capstone Project


Sponsored Research



Sponsors and faculty share a mutual interest in providing practical experience to students in accordance with LTU’s motto of Theory + Practice.



Sponsors seek faculty to perform research that is of mutual interest and benefit. Students may also receive valuable research experience.


Course Credit for Students

Delivered and embedded in Coursework. Student receives course credit for project completion. Students are unpaid.

Stipend or Hourly Pay for Students

Delivered outside of Coursework. Students are paid a stipend or hourly wage for work on Sponsored Research Agreement.


Concurrent with Academic Calendar

Student project work runs concurrently with the academic calendar and requirements for Capstone Courses.

Independent of Academic Calendar

Research projects are independent of academic terms, period of performance is determined by the agreed scope of work.

Master Agreement with No End Date

Master Agreement terms govern ALL forward-going work with a sponsor for student projects. This is convenient for on-going work with a Sponsor covering multiple academic periods and projects. A Project Agreement outlines a performance period for the specific project.

Agreement for Specific Performance Period

Research Agreement is specific to the scope of work and time period. However, agreements may be extended by mutual agreement either for no-additional cost, for additional cost, or for a modified Scope of Work.

Fee or Sponsorship = Fixed Amount +

Materials and supplies as necessary

The project budget is a fixed fee for each semester. A project can be one-semester long or multiple semesters. If needed, additional coverage for direct supplies & materials may be requested.


Budget = Direct Cost + Indirect Cost

or a Fixed Price for Performance

The project budget includes reimbursement for direct cost + indirect cost recovery allocated to faculty, college, research, and university. The budget may also be a fixed price for deliverables or performance.


Intellectual Property Owned by Sponsor

Intellectual property produced as a direct result of the project is owned by the Sponsor, subject to LTU’s right to use for 1-year for internal, non-commercial purposes.


Intellectual Property Jointly Owned

Intellectual property produced as a direct result of the research is jointly owned as the default agreement condition. IP terms are subject to negotiation as fitting the circumstances.


Publication may be delayed up to

sixty (60) days for patent filing by Sponsor

Notification to sponsor 30 days in advance required. Thirty-day period of review for proprietary matter and request for its removal. Additional 60 days to file a patent.


Publication may be delayed up to

thirty (30) days for patent filing by Sponsor

Notification to sponsor 30 days in advance required. Thirty-day period of review for patentable matter. Additional 30 days to file a patent.



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Sponsored Research and Institutional Grants

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