Lawrence Technological University is committed to promoting basic and applied research grant and contract opportunities for faculty. The goal of the LTU Research and Grant Incentive program is to support a faculty member’s research agenda and to facilitate the preparation and submission of external grant or contract proposals.

Full-time tenure-track faculty are invited to submit applications. Selected faculty will be awarded University support on teaching buyout of one course (3 credit hours) to support proposal writing and submittal. The program of 2023-2024 will support 12-16 faculty.

Program eligibility:

  • Completed application by tenure-track applicant that outlines the proposal concept, sponsored funding announcement, and submittal deadline.
  • Applicant must have a full proposal drafted by the end of the support-awarded semester (May 31st or December 31st). Submission of a competitive grant proposal to external funding agencies is expected within 8 months of the award.
  • Applicant must be the lead-PI.
  • Not eligible: support for pre-proposals and letters of intent, non-competitive renewals.

Expected Outcomes:

A draft full proposal is expected to be completed by the end of the support-awarded semester (May 31st or December 31st). The expected outcome of this program is a competitive, submitted grant or contract proposal within 8 months subsequent to the Research and Grant Incentive Award.

Questions please contact:

Kathryn Wrench, Executive Director - Sponsored Research and Institutional Grants

Email: kwrench@ltu.edu

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