Lawrence Technological University faculty engage with sponsors and students to develop fundamental knowledge and applied solutions to real-world problems.

LTU’s institutional motto of ‘theory and practice’ is the cornerstone for integrating expert faculty knowledge and experiential learning for students and partnership with industry, government and philanthropic sponsors, advancing the state of engineering, natural science, social science, arts and humanities through research.

Sponsored Research and Institutional Grants

Sponsored Research and Institutional Grants is organizationally responsible for support of externally restricted funding for research and other sponsor funded activities. The office supports faculty proposal development and administration of funded projects.

Pre-Award Support

Sponsored Research and Institutional Grants supports proposal development from idea inception through proposal submission by reaching out to partners; liaisoning with program directors; providing proposal templates, examples and boilerplate content; and offering team support for institutional proposals. The office is responsible for submitting proposals and accepting awards on behalf of the University.

Post-Award Administration

Sponsored Research and Institutional Grants supports compliance and fiscal management of sponsor-awarded programs that support the institutional mission of research, instruction and public service. Sponsored research assists with the integration of sponsor and institutional requirements for funding, as well as training and support of compliance in the ethical conduct of research. The office advises on policy and procedure in the administration of sponsored activity.

Research Reporting

Sponsored Research and Institutional Grants maintains institutional data on research activity and supports coordination. The office liaisons with Corporate and Industry Partnerships, Philanthropy and Alumni Engagement, LTU’s Centropolis Accelerator, Marburger STEM Center, and university centers and institutes, supporting coordinated sponsored activity.

Sponsored Research and Institutional Grants is located at 21415 Civic Center Drive, Suite 200, Building 18 South.  To reach the office, email or call 248.204.3067. Kathryn Wrench, MBA, CRA, is the director of Sponsored Research and Institutional Grants.


Kathryn Wrench, MBA, CRA
Executive Director
Sponsored Research and Institutional Grants

P  248.204.3067
O  21415 Civic Center Drive, Suite 200, Building 18-South

Proposal Notification Form

LTU Budget Template

Research and Grant Incentive Program


Lawrence Technological University is committed to promoting basic and applied research grant and contract opportunities for faculty. The goal of the LTU Research and Grant Incentive program is to support a faculty member’s research agenda and to facilitate the preparation and submission of external grant or contract proposals.

Full-time tenure-track faculty are invited to submit applications. Selected faculty will be awarded University support on teaching buyout of one course (3 credit hours) to support proposal writing and submittal. The program of 2023-2024 will support 12-16 faculty.

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