Thanks for your interest in CAMPUS Connections! Students of all majors and backgrounds are invited and welcome to participate.

However, there are a few criteria that CAMPUS Connections participants must meet:

  • New student beginning in the fall 2021 semester at LTU
  • Placed into Intermediate Algebra/Geometry (MCS 0054) but close to placing into Precalculus (MCS 1074) or Geometry in Art (MCS 1254), depending on major; OR
  • Placed into Precalculus (MCS 1074) but close to placing into Calculus 1 (MCS 1414) or Survey of Calculus (MCS 1224), depending on major

If you meet these criteria and are interested in participating in CAMPUS Connections 2021, please apply! (Application opens in early summer 2021)

Apply Online     Paper Application (PDF)



This program is supported by the King-Chavez-Parks Initiative through the State of Michigan.