Steps to Graduate

1. Submit an Application to Graduate

All students wanting to graduate must submit an application to graduate at least one semester
before they expect to complete their program. Failure to submit a graduation application by the deadline will result in a one semester delay in your degree or diploma being awarded. Applications should only be submitted for the term in which the graduate will be completing their academic degree.

Graduation Application Table
**In order to accommodate all graduates and guests at the Graduation ceremonies, a graduate is only allowed to attend the ceremony that corresponds with their graduating semester.

Diplomas are NOT awarded at the graduation ceremony. Diplomas are only awarded once your degree has been completed.

A graduation fee is due at the time of the application. Both the Application and the Graduation Fee are valid for one academic year. If graduation requirements are not met within one academic year, the student must submit another Application for Graduation and another Graduation Fee. A handwritten signature is needed on the form.

Application to Graduate Form:

                         • Undergraduate/ Graduate

Applications will be routed to the Graduation Team once the form is completed and submitted.

NOTE: An email confirming receipt of the application will be sent once the application has been fully completed by the Grad Team. They will be in touch with any questions or concerns that may arise so please monitor your LTU email closely after completing your application.

2. International Family Invitation Letter Request

Complete the International Family Invitation Letter Request if you are an international student inviting family to your Commencement ceremony and a letter is required by your government to permit your family members to travel. You must already have a graduation application submitted in order to request an Invitation Letter Request. Commencement tickets are still required for families to attend the ceremony. This letter is not a ticket for the ceremony. Email the letter back to or drop it off at the One Stop Center. The Enrollment Services staff will be in touch with you once the letter(s) have been completed.

                        •Invitation Letter Request Form

3. Out of State Ticket Request

If you are a participating student who lives out of state or are unable to attend the Grad Fair and collect your ceremony tickets for other reasons, please fill out this form. Email this form to or drop it off at the One Stop Center to be processed before the deadline. We can then mail the tickets to you. However, please note that lost or stolen tickets cannot be replaced. Another option is to designate someone to pick up the tickets on your behalf during the Grad Fair. 

                         •Out of State Ticket Request Form

4. Purchase Your Cap and Gown

The Graduation Team will send participating student emails with information on the Grad Fair where you will purchase your cap and gown. For the December 2021 Commencement, you do not need to pre-order the cap and gown. A variety of caps and gown will be in stock for your to purchase during the Grad Fair. Please monitor your LTU email closely and be sure to search for any correspondence from so you don’t miss any important information regarding your graduation ceremony or degree information!

If you have already ordered your cap and gown and have questions about your order, you can contact the LTU Bookstore at 248-204-3030. The bookstore is in charge of all Cap and Gown orders for commencement.

5. Monitor Your LTU Email

Continue to monitor your LTU email for updates from the graduation team regarding the Grad Fair, where you will pick up your tickets as well as pick up and pay for your cap and gown that was previously ordered. You will also receive updates on the graduation ceremony as well as ongoing information regarding your degree throughout the degree auditing process following the end of the semester. If you have any questions you can always reach out to the grad team at

6. Refer to This Website - for information on location, directions, parking, hotels and lots more!

7. Pick Up Your Diploma

Contrary to popular belief, diplomas are not awarded during the graduation ceremony. Diplomas are only awarded once a student have completed their degree. A degree audit is completed by the department of the degree being sought. If the student has completed all requirements to receive the degree, they will list the student as "graduated". An additional audit is then completed by the graduation team and the degree is posted to their transcript.

Once the degree is complete and posted, diplomas are printed. Bachelor diplomas are printed on 8.5" x 11" paper, and Masters/Doctoral diplomas are printed on 11" x 14" paper. Undergraduate and Masters diplomas are then available for pick up at the One Stop Center approximately two months after the traditional semester ends. Diplomas which are not retrieved during the pick up dates will be mailed to your permanent home address as listed in Bannerweb (not your mailing address). If your address will be different after graduation, please be sure to update your information on BannerWeb before the end of your final semester.

Please Note: Diplomas and Transcripts will not be released if you have any past due financial obligations (housing charges, library fees, parking, tuition, etc.)

For Summer 2021 graduates, degrees will be posted to transcripts by August 20th. Diplomas will be available for pick up at the One Stop Center September 20th through September 22nd.  Diplomas which are not picked up will be mailed to the permanent address in Bannerweb on September 23rd.

8. Celebrate!

Celebrate the completion of your Lawrence Technological University degree (and the previous 7 steps) with your friends and family at your on campus graduation ceremony in either May or December! (Mini wave in celebration of you!)