Tuition and Fee Appeal Process


If students wish to receive an exception to the University policy of dropping classes after the 100% tuition refund deadline to receive a refund of any type, or wish to have the late registration or transaction fees waived, they should follow this process:

  1. Complete the Tuition and Fee Appeal form and submit it to the One Stop Center. All supporting documentation should be submitted at this same time (i.e. medical documentation).
  2. The Office of the Registrar will prepare a packet of information that includes: the student’s current semester schedule, the tuition statement for the current and previous semesters, the list of courses and grades for the student, and the financial aid status for the student.
  3. The Appeals Committee (comprised of representatives from various departments on campus) meets monthly to review each student request and packet of information to make a decision. The Committee may also contact the student’s instructor(s) to inquire about the student’s attendance record and current grade in the course. The Office of the Registrar then sends a letter to the student with the decision.

Please note the following:

  • Students should be aware that if an exception is made, their financial aid may be impacted and they may potentially owe the University money.
  • It is important to note that exceptions to University policy are made only in rare circumstances, such as a debilitating illness. Requests made because of difficult work schedules or class schedules will not be considered.