There are a variety of forms that will assist you in your enrollment transactions at Lawrence Technological University. For your convenience, these forms are available in .PDF format. To view these .PDF pages it will require that you have Adobe Acrobat Reader ® installed on your PC.

If you do not have Adobe Reader installed, you may click here to install it now. Adobe Reader

Personal Information

Authorization to Disclose Information This form authorizes LTU to discuss the defined account information with the student's designee (parent, spouse, relative, guardian, etc.).

Remove Authorization to Disclose Information This form removes prior authorization to discuss the defined account information with the student's designee (parent, spouse, relative, guardian, etc.).
Student Non-Disclosure  Fill out this form to ensure LTU does not release your directory information.
Request to Remove Directory Information Hold Reverses the Non-Disclosure form. Allows LTU to release your directory information.
Name and Address Change Use this form if you would like to update your name and/or address.

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BannerWeb Instructions

 How to access BannerWeb

 How to use common BannerWeb features

 How to register on BannerWeb

 How to request an official transcript on BannerWeb

 How to request an unofficial transcript on BannerWeb

 How to estimate balance due after financial aid

 How to send e-statements to parent and/or employer

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Campus Declaration  By signing this form the campus indicated will become your campus of primary attendance.

Change of Curriculum – Undergraduate Student

Change of Curriculum – Graduate Student

Submit these forms to:
Change your Major
Declare a Second major
Change your Minor
Change your Concentration

Recompute Grade Point Average
(Graduate Level Only)

Request for Graduate students to remove a grade from their GPA and replace it with the grade when repeating the course. One time, one course only.

Withdrawal Checklist

If you are completely withdrawing from LTU use this checklist to make sure you complete all aspects of this process.

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 Course Registration

Registration Form

Use this form to add, drop or withdraw courses, if unable to do so on BannerWeb. You will need all signatures and/or approvals before the request can be processed.

ESL Students - Add/Drop Form

Students required to complete English as a Second Language (ESL) courses are required to use this registration form to switch sections of an ESL course, drop an ESL course, or withdraw from an ESL course. Adding an ESL course should be completed on BannerWeb. The form requires the signature of an ESL advisor.

Guest/Transfer Credit

Guest Credit Request

Request prior approval for your temporary enrollment at another institution so that the course(s) will transfer back to LTU. 

Study Abroad Credit Request

Request prior approval for enrollment at a study abroad institution so that the credit(s) will transfer back to LTU.

Additional Credit Request

A form to request that credit from a previous institution should apply to their LTU academic record.

Michigan Uniform Guest Credit Application

This form serves as your application for admission as a guest student at a Michigan college or university.

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Graduation Application All candidates for graduation must fill out this application for their degree
Replacement Diploma

To request an additional or replacement copy of your diploma.

Supplemental Doctoral Form

For students earning their doctoral degrees, this required form provides information for the Commencement Program.

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 Transcript/Letter Requests

LTU/LIT Official Transcripts Fill out this form to request an official transcript.
Detroit Institute of Technology (DIT) Transcripts Students from DIT should use this form to request an official DIT transcript.
Verification/Letter Request

Request for an official letter from LTU to verify or confirm enrollment. 

Letter Request – SACM

Request for an official letter from LTU
to the Saudi Arabian Cultural Mission (SACM) to verify or confirm enrollment.

International Family Invitation Letter Request

Used for international family Commencement invitations or international family invitations to visit campus. NOTE: Commencement tickets are still required for family to attend the ceremony; this letter is not a ticket for the ceremony.

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Tuition and Fee Appeal For students asking for an exception to University policy regarding late tuition and fee refunds.

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