Greetings from Lawrence Technological University!

I am pleased to inform you that Lawrence Technological University will not raise tuition for the 2015-2016 academic year.

This action has been taken by the Board of Trustees and comes, in large part, thanks to extraordinary effort by the campus community to aggressively contain and control expenses.

Every dollar of your tuition goes to providing students with a transformative educational experience, with the emphasis on providing exceptional value and quality.

The amount of annual scholarship and financial aid support has been growing at a higher rate than recent tuition increases, and today stands in excess of $15 million. Nonetheless, we realize the struggle and sacrifice that many students and their families make to attend Lawrence Tech and we try always to assure that LTU is clearly worth that financial investment.

In recent years, the placement rate for LTU graduates by the time of their Commencement is nearly double the national average. Even more remarkable is that the salaries commanded by our graduates are among the top 100 colleges and universities in the entire nation. The return on tuition investment at Lawrence Tech is similarly high. LTU is consistently ranked in the top tier of colleges and universities by U.S. News and the Princeton Review.

At the same time, your university is constantly improving facilities and strengthening support for students and faculty. Three magnificent new buildings – the Detroit Design and Technology Center, Reuss Residence Hall, and the Taubman Complex -- will open over the next 18 months.

Tuition covers many, but not all, of the costs associated with your education. A technological education is more expensive than most. The remaining costs of your education are funded through support from LTU’s alumni and friends, including gifts from individuals, corporations, and foundations. As a private, non-profit university, we do not receive government subsidies for operations.

The decision not to increase tuition this coming year should not be seen as predictive for future years. However, you can be assured that we will do all we can to guarantee that the value and quality of your Lawrence Tech educational experience will remain the very best that they can be.

While every era has its challenges, the world that awaits you is more wonderful, exciting, and full of opportunity than ever. You have the best wishes of all of us at Lawrence Tech for success and greatness in all you do!

Virinder K. Moudgil
President and CEO



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