Waitlisting allows students to place themselves on a waitlist when the class is full (if a waitlist spot is available), and is available on BannerWeb each semester from the first date of registration through the last day to add courses on BannerWeb. For dates, please refer to the academic calendar on the Office of the Registrar website: www.ltu.edu/registrar/academic-calendar .

Waitlisting is only available for select courses. If the class is full and there is a waitlist maximum, and you meet all criteria for the course, you have the option to place yourself on the waitlist.  

A waitlist is an electronic process that sends notification to students that a seat is available for a waitlisted closed class. This enables students to get into classes they want without having to continuously check for possible openings. Waitlist operates on a first-come, first-served basis.

Not all classes offer waitlists. Each academic department, along with the Registrar’s Office, is responsible for determining if their class offerings have a waitlist or not. If a waitlist is available for the class, an indicator will appear next to that section in the Schedule of Classes. For courses with no waitlist available, you will need to check regularly for possible openings.

You may add yourself to any number of waitlists for different courses, but you cannot enroll beyond the maximum number of hours allowed for that term, and you cannot be on a waitlist for multiple sections of the same course.

You should remove yourself from the waitlist in BannerWeb, following the same process as dropping a course.
There are a limited number of seats available for a waitlist, so if all positions are filled, you will be unable to add yourself to the list until a waitlist seat opens up.

No. Waitlisted classes do NOT count towards your enrolled hours.

Yes, any type of hold that impacts registration will prohibit a student's ability to use the waitlist function.

It depends on how currently enrolled students adjust their schedules and if they drop your requested class.
No, you cannot waitlist in another section of the same course.
Waitlists are only available once the class is full. For high-demand classes, this may be the first day of registration.
Waitlist ends on the last day registration is permitted on BannerWeb, which is approximately 1 week after the start of classes.

The requirements to be added to a waitlist are the same as regular registration; for example:

  • You must have met all the prerequisites for the class.
  • A waitlist must be available for that class.
  • You will not be able to waitlist if you have any registration holds.
  • Being registered or waitlisted for a different section (CRN) of the same course.

Yes, the class will remain closed for standard registration until the waitlist has added or skipped all students on the waitlist. If open seats remain, the class will then open for standard registration.

You will need to add yourself back to the waitlist, however you will be added to the bottom of the list.
No, you may not attend classes that you are waitlisted for. You may only attend classes that you are officially registered for.