Transcript Requests

Unofficial Transcripts:

Unofficial transcripts are available to students and alumni online, via BannerWeb. In cases where the unofficial transcript is not available on BannerWeb it is likely that there is a hold on the account.

Official Transcripts:

Current and former LTU students can submit their transcript request through BannerWeb as long as they know their student ID number. There is no fee for this service. We cannot disclose student ID numbers over the phone, so if you do not remember your ID number please submit your written request as described below.

Official transcripts are also available upon written request (as required by federal guidelines) from the student or alumni member by filling out the Transcript Request Form. When filling out the hard copy transcript request form please fill in as many fields as possible. If you do not remember your student ID number you can leave it blank. If we have any questions we will make sure we contact you at the phone number you list on the form.

There is no fee to order an official transcript. The written request may be submitted via fax, email attachment, mail, or in person at the One Stop Center. Transcripts are available within 2 business days from the date received. If the student requests and it is possible to produce an immediate copy of their transcript, a $10 per copy processing fee applies.

Please be aware that any transcripts issued to students will be marked "Issued to Student." For most colleges and universities to consider a transcript official, they require that the transcript be sent directly from the issuing institution to the receiving institution. If you submit a transcript marked "Issued to Student," there is a chance that the receiving institution may not accept the transcript as official.

A note on account holds: Transcripts cannot be released to students who have a conversion hold and/or financial hold on their account. For students who completed their course work prior to 2002 it is common for their accounts to have conversion holds . This type of hold was put on all accounts when LTU switched student management systems in 2002. To have this hold removed the student should submit a paper Transcript Request Form which will prompt a thorough review of their record and the removal of the hold. The other type of hold that will prevent students from obtaining their transcripts is a financial hold . This hold is placed on an account when the student has an outstanding financial balance. The balance must first be paid in full in order to have the hold removed.