Prepare for Registration:

Summer and Fall 2023 Important Dates PDF

Spring 2024 Important Dates PDF

General Advising Information PDF

Several weeks prior to registration, students are strongly encouraged to login to BannerWeb to view any holds that may exist on their student account that prohibit registration. This will allow students the opportunity to resolve their holds and allow them to register for the upcoming semester. If a student does have a hold on their record, they should contact the department that issued the hold to begin the resolution process.

In addition, most students are required to meet with their advisor before they register. (There are some exceptions to this; contact your advisor or the One Stop Center to ask if you are required to have an advisor’s authorization to register.)

ALT PIN/Advising Information

ALL Undergraduate students (with the exception of dual Civil Engineering/Architecture students) must meet with an advisor in advance to ensure they do not have a hold that will prevent registration.

For dual Civil Engineering/Architecture students , the ALT PIN is required. This ALT PIN can only be obtained through your academic advisor. The One Stop Center in the Office of the Registrar CANNOT give out an ALT PIN.  The ALT PIN will be required for these students to register online via BannerWeb

If there are no holds on the student account, the student should register online via BannerWeb. Login to the secure area using your Banner ID and your pin number. If you forget your pin or get locked out of your account contact the One Stop Center at or 248-204-2280 have your pin reset.

Once in BannerWeb go to: Student Services and Financial Aid; Registration; Add/Drop Classes; enter the Term and Alt Pin if prompted; and either Search for Classes or Register using the CRN numbers. (CRN numbers are specific to an individual course section and are important in the registration process).

A note on registering for classes with prerequisites: Students are responsible for successfully completing prerequisites listed in the University Catalog or in the Banner Online Catalog for all courses in which they are registered. In those exceptional circumstances where a prerequisite may be waived, the student must contact the Department that is offering the course. If they approve the student to take the course they will electronically enter an override and the student can register normally via BannerWeb. If a Prerequisite is waived, it is for one semester only and does not exempt the student from taking the waived prerequisite in the future.