Course Catalog Authorization Form

Any faculty member or program director may propose a new course by submitting a completed Course Approval Form to the relevant department chairperson. The chairperson will present the course to the department for its approval and then, if approved, to the dean. The dean will, after consultation with the Faculty Advisory Council, determine if the course is appropriate. Upon approval by the Dean the course description will be sent to the Registrar for catalog listing and return the information to the originating department.

All new courses are submitted by the proposing faculty member via a Docusign based process. Course descriptions should be clear, accurate, concise, and precise. Focus only on the content of the course. Avoid using unneeded preambles such as "In this course the student will...." or "This course provides...." Follow the University Style Guide wherever possible. Course descriptions are not required to use complete sentences, but phrases must use proper grammar. Do not capitalize words unnecessarily. Avoid implied performance guarantees such as "By the end of the course students will be able to ..."

This same form is also used to Revise or Inactivate a Current course, or Reactivate a former certificate, concentration, or minor.

Questions regarding this form can be directed to:

University Registrar, Noreen Ferguson,
Assistant Registrar,  Alexandra Bunting,
Assistant Registrar, Avery Thomas,