Below are some of the most frequently asked questions pertaining to the Office of the Registrar. If you need further details just contact us! We would be happy to discuss your situation.

It is the student’s responsibility to be familiar with the Academic Regulations found in the University’s catalog, as well as on the LTU website.  Students are also sent information through their LTU e-mail related to the deadlines for: adding/dropping classes; refundable fees and tuition refund deadlines; petitioning to graduate; and various other topics. LTU’s formal method of communication is e-mail and it is the student’s responsibility to read and be aware of this information.

Students can expect privacy related to their educational records. This means that information from a student’s educational record can be shared within the University among appropriate school officials.  School officials are defined as any person employed by the University in an administrative, supervisory, academic or research, or support staff position (including campus law enforcement personnel and health/counseling personnel); a person or company with whom the university has contracted as its agent to provide a service instead of using university employees or officials (such as an attorney, auditor or collection agent); a student serving on an official committee, such as a disciplinary or grievance committee or assisting another school official in performing his/her tasks; and members of official college and University committees-all  having “legitimate educational interests” in the records.

This also means that once a student is enrolled at Lawrence Tech, that under typical circumstances, the information in the educational record cannot be shared with anyone outside the University, other than the student.  So, if a student’s spouse, parent or sibling contacts the University asking for information about the student, the caller will be asked to have the student call themselves for the information as we are unable to disclose information to anyone else.   The only exception to this federal regulation is if the student has completed the Authorization to Disclose Information form and submitted it to the One Stop Center. On this form the student can give permission and set up an access PIN for relatives and/or guardians who they wish to also have full account access. Questions regarding this policy should be directed to the Office of the Registrar.

Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act Regulations (FERPA)

To register for courses at Lawrence Technological University, most students are required to meet with their advisor in advance. (There are some exceptions to this; contact your advisor or the One Stop Center to ask if you are required to have an advisor’s authorization to register.)  

ALL Undergraduate students (with the exception of dual Civil Engineering/Architecture students)   must meet with an advisor in advance to ensure they do not have a hold that will prevent registration.

For   dual Civil Engineering/Architecture students , the ALT PIN is required. This ALT PIN can only be obtained through your academic advisor. The One Stop Center in the Office of the Registrar CANNOT give out an ALT PIN.  The ALT PIN will be required for these students to register online via BannerWeb

If there are no holds on the student account, the student should register online via BannerWeb. Login to the secure area using your Banner ID and your pin number. If you forget your pin or get locked out of your account contact the One Stop Center at or 248-204-2280 have your pin reset.

Once in BannerWeb go to: Student Services and Financial Aid; Registration; Add/Drop Classes; enter the Term and Alt Pin if prompted; and either Search for Classes or Register using the CRN numbers. (CRN numbers are specific to an individual course section and are important in the registration process.)

Any schedule changes after the Add/Drop period, if allowed, will have to be done in person at the One Stop Center.

NO!   To attend a course, YOU MUST BE OFFICIALLY REGISTERED. Students are not permitted to "sit in" on courses without being officially registered. 
If you are seeing a registration error (usually Pre-req, Test score, or Closed Section) you should contact your advisor to discuss your options. If your advisor deems it necessary for you to be in that course despite the error, you should contact the authorized override associate in the department that the class is offered. For example, if you need an override for a MCS/MATH course you should contact the Math Department and ask for the authorized override associate for that program. In exceptional cases the One Stop can enter overrides, but first must have written permission (via email) from your advisor or authorized override associate to do so.

There is a designated Add/Drop period for each semester. During this period you can add and drop classes from your schedule without having to go through any additional steps. This is also the time frame in which students receive a 100% tuition refund for dropped courses. It is the student’s responsibility to notify the Office of the Registrar in writing, or to drop the courses online through BannerWeb. These dropped courses (if completed during the Add/Drop period) are not recorded on the transcript. The last date to drop with 100% tuition refund is located within the KEY DATES AND DEADLINES section. 

The student should note that if they are dropping their only or last class, the Registration Fee is refundable. Students withdrawing for the semester, the Registration Fee is non-refundable.  After the Add/Drop period, students are no longer able to add classes without penalties and special permission and any courses dropped are considered withdrawals. When withdrawing there is no tuition refund given and a “W’ is recorded on the student’s transcript. The “W” will not count in the student’s GPA. The deadlines are posted on the Registrar’s website, available at the One Stop Center, and e-mailed to students each semester.  As indicated earlier, it is the student’s responsibility to be aware of these dates.

NO!   Students may drop courses with full refund only during the designated Add/Drop period. After that, students may withdraw, with no refund, until a particular point in each semester. This is called the “last day to withdraw” and is different for each semester. After this date, students must stay in the course and are issued the grade they have earned.

The last day to withdraw is located within the KEY DATES AND DEADLINES and ACADEMIC CALENDAR sections.

NO!  If a student decides not to attend their classes,  they must drop or withdraw  from the courses. If a student stops attending classes and takes no action with the Office of the Registrar, they are considered still registered. This means they will be issued the grade of “WF” for each course, which will impact the overall GPA counting the same as an “F”, and still assessed the full tuition. In the past some students have not taken any action until it was too late; the grades of “WF” were on the transcript, their financial aid revoked, a hold placed on the account, and the unpaid tuition bill forwarded to a collections agency. Because of this, it is extremely important for a student to drop or withdraw from classes if they decide they cannot complete the semester.
Faculty members report semester grades about 3-5 days after the semester ends. Grades are viewable to students online, via BannerWeb, approximately 5 days after the end of the semester. If necessary, students may request a print out of their semester grades from the One Stop Center. Requests will be processed after the end of term processing is complete. End of term processing both recalculates your overall GPA, and takes into account any repeated courses.
Be sure to review the Steps to Graduation to ensure you are completing the necessary steps.  After you apply for graduation, you will begin receiving correspondence regarding degree posting, diploma availability dates and information regarding your Commencement ceremony (if you plan to attend Commencement). 

Diplomas are mailed approximately one month after the traditional semester ends. If your address will be different after graduation, please be sure to update your permanent address information on BannerWeb. Also be sure to monitor your LTU email account for correspondence from the Graduation Team regarding degree posting and diploma availability dates specific to your term of graduation.

To learn more about the graduation process, review the Steps to Graduate.  

Please Note: Diplomas will not be released by the dates listed below if you have any past due financial obligations and/or if you are a federal student loan recipient and have not completed Exit Counseling.

Unofficial transcripts are available to most students and alumni online, via BannerWeb. In cases where the unofficial transcript is not available on BannerWeb it is likely that there is a hold on the account.

For students who completed their course work prior to 2002 it is common for their accounts to have “conversion holds”. This type of hold was put on all accounts when LTU switched student management systems in 2002. To have this hold removed the student should submit a paper Transcript Request form which will prompt a thorough review of their record and the removal of the hold.

The other type of hold that will prevent students from obtaining their transcripts (and diplomas) is a financial hold. This hold is placed on an account when the student has an outstanding financial balance. The balance must first be paid in full in order to have the hold removed.

Official transcripts are available, either by requesting them online or upon written request (as required by federal guidelines) from the student or alumnus. If not using the online method, the completed Transcript Request form may be submitted via fax, regular mail, scanned and emailed, or in person. There is no charge for the official transcript requested for the normal processing time of 2 business days. If the student requests and it is possible to produce an immediate copy of their transcripts, a $10 per copy processing fee applies.

The University is always happy to verify enrollment for a student. This can be accomplished in several ways: 

A)   Students may request a copy of their official transcript, which will list the courses in progress, or a degree if awarded. In some cases, students may use the unofficial transcript produced from BannerWeb.

B)   The student can complete the Verification Letter Request Form and submit via fax, regular mail, attached in an email, or in person to the One Stop Center. There is a $5.00 processing fee per letter and 2-business day processing time allotted. If the student requests   and   it is possible to produce an immediate verification letter, a $20 per copy processing fee applies.

C)   The University uses the National Student Clearinghouse (NSC). The purpose of the NSC is to proactively enhance the overall student loan program and to simplify the enrollment and degree verification process. 

Lawrence Technological University has signed a contract, which appoints the NSC as the institution’s agent for purposes of confirming enrollment and degree status of student financial aid recipients.  Routinely, the Office of the Registrar will report the enrollment status of its students to the NSC. The first report for each semester is after the Add/Drop period, and then on a monthly basis thereafter. The NSC is then responsible for providing status and deferment information, on behalf of Lawrence Technological University, to guaranty agencies, lenders, servicers, and the Department of Education’s National Student Loan Database System (NSLDS). In addition, students will be able to login to the NSC’s website and produce their own Certificate of Enrollment that can be used for health insurance and other reasons!

It's important that the University has a correct permanent home mailing address for each student to mail important information, including but not limited to: policy changes, diplomas, etc. Students may change their address online via BannerWeb. Students may also submit address changes, in writing via fax, mail, email attachment, or in person by completing the Address and Name Change Form.

Name changes may be updated upon presentation of the completed Address and Name Change Form and the following: Official State Issued Drivers License with new name and either a court order, marriage license or divorce decree. An exception to this policy is the woman’s right to retain her maiden name. In cases where our records indicate a maiden name, the change may be made without documentation. However, when no record of a maiden name exists, a copy of a divorce decree or marriage license upon which the maiden name is noted must accompany the request. Note that university policy prohibits name changes to student records after graduation.