Change of Address:

It is  extremely important  that the University have a correct permanent home mailing address for each student to mail important information, including but not limited to: policy changes, graduations, etc.

Students may change their address online via BannerWeb. Students may also submit address changes, in writing via fax, email, mail, or in person by completing the Address and Name Change Form .    

Change of Name:

Name changes may be updated upon presentation of the completed Name changes may be updated upon presentation of the completed Address and Name Change Form  and of one of the following: court order, marriage license, or divorce decree. An exception to this policy is the woman’s right to retain her maiden name. In cases where our records indicate a maiden name, the change may be made without documentation. However, when no record of a maiden name exists, a copy of a divorce decree or marriage license upon which the maiden name is noted must accompany the request.

Please note: University policy and archiving processes prohibit name changes to Detroit Institute of Technology (DIT) and Lawrence Institute of Technology (LIT) student records after graduation. Lawrence Technological University (LTU) students may change after graduation provided they present valid documentation.