Students must be officially registered with the University to attend courses at the University . Students may not sit in courses without being officially registered.

There is a designated Add/Drop period for each semester. This is the timeframe in which students have to change around their schedule without penalty. It is the student’s responsibility to notify the One Stop Center in writing or by dropping courses online through BannerWeb. The dropped courses (if completed during the Add/Drop period) are not recorded on the transcript. Please refer to the Key Deadlines and Dates section for the appropriate deadlines for the current semester. It is the student’s responsibility to know these deadlines and to take action accordingly.

While exceptional circumstances may necessitate the need to register after classes begin, students are encouraged to finalize all registrations prior to the first day of the semester. Students may, however, add courses online through the end of the Add/Drop period. After the end of this period, written permission is required from the student’s advisor, instructor, and Department Chair. The student must then register in person at the One Stop Center. 

Note: If a registered student elects not to attend courses and does not drop them, full tuition is still charged and the grade of “WF” is issued for the courses. Please note that there are no exceptions to this policy; it is the student’s responsibility to drop courses when they decide not to attend the courses or LTU.

When dropping or withdrawing from courses, it is the student’s responsibility to notify the One Stop Center in writing or by dropping courses online through BannerWeb. Add/Drop forms can be obtained on our Forms to Print page or at the One Stop Center. The date of the drop or withdrawal will be the date that the One Stop Center receives the completed Add/Drop Form from the student or the date that the student drops the course(s) on BannerWeb.

To protect our students’ right to privacy, drops and withdrawals may not be conducted by telephone, or by email without the add/drop form attached.

For courses dropped after the Add/Drop period, this is considered a withdrawal, a "W" is issued on the transcript and no tuition refund  is given. Please note that if a student is dropping all courses or their only course, all fees are still assessed to the student account.

There is a point in the semester when students may not withdraw from courses and therefore must accept the grade earned in the course. Please see the Key Deadlines and Dates and Academic Calendar sections for the deadlines associated with withdrawing.