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Brookings Institution

The prestigious Brookings Institution has consistently shown Lawrence Technological University as providing value to students and alumni. The most recent study (from 2015) ranked Lawrence Technological University fifth in the country for providing the most value-added in preparing its graduates for well-paying occupations.

The study focused on the “value-added” from a variety of quality measures and showed that Lawrence Tech provides a +21.5% value-added benefit to mid-career earnings of the typical graduate. The “value of alumni skills” received a score of 96 (out of a possible 100) and “curriculum value” had a score of 93 (out of a possible 100). “Share of graduates prepared to work in occupations requiring STEM knowledge” also received a score of 93.

The goal of the Brookings studies are to go beyond the traditional rankings that reward colleges that primarily admit rich, smart students who can be expected to do better in their careers than most college graduates. Instead, the Brookings researchers wanted to determine if colleges actually made a difference in preparing their students for successful careers

That report encompassed more data sources and covered many more of the over 6,100 two- and four-year colleges than the college rankings from U.S. News & World Report. It seeks to take into account student profiles and their majors when comparing the career outcomes of alumni from different colleges. The yardstick became the value-added by a college in comparison to its peer group.

The Brookings study noted that the five quality factors strongly associated with more successful economic outcomes for alumni are curriculum value, alumni skills, STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) orientation, completion rates, and student aid.

The study found that LTU added 18 percent more value – virtually the same as the California Institute of Technology – with respect to occupational earnings power compared to four-year institutions with similar characteristics and students. The study found that alumni skills, the share of graduates majoring in STEM fields and curriculum value strongly predict a college’s value added in preparing its graduates for well-paying occupations.

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