dr. tarek sobh Dr. Tarek Sobh Provost, Vice President of Academic Affairs
Daubmann, Karl  - Dean Prof. Karl Daubmann Dean College of Art and Design
Kambhampati, Srini  - Dean Dr. Srini Kambhampati Dean College of Arts and Sciences
Mirshab, Bahman - Dean Dr. Bahman Mirhsab Dean College of Business and Information Technology
Grace, Nabil - Dean Dr. Nabil Grace Dean College of Engineering
Finn, Kevin - Dean Mr. Kevin Finn Dean of Students
Kujawa, Lisa - Associate Provost Ms. Lisa Kujawa Associate Provost for Enrollment and Community Outreach
Jolly, Jim - Assistant Provost Mr. Jim Jolly Assistant Provost
Radomski, Dan - Director Mr. Dan Radomski Director of Centrepolis Accelerator
Brucki, Mark - Executive Director Mr. Mark Brucki Executive Director, Industry Research and Business Outreach
Nelson, Ralph - Full-Time Faculty Prof. Ralph Nelson Chair of Faculty Senate
Timmons, Shannon - Director Dr. Shannon Timmons Vice Chair of Faculty Senate
Miller-Wietecha, Lynn - Director Dr. Lynn Miller-Wietecha Director of eLearning
Collins, Sibrina N. - Executive Director STEM Center Dr. Sibrina Collins Director of STEM Center
Cocozzoli, Gary - Director Gary Cocozzoli Director of  LTU Library
Patrick Callaghan Dr. Patrick Callaghan Director of Professional Development
Kathryn Wrench Kathryn Wrench Director of Sponsored Research & Institutional Grants