Department chairs and faculty members should collaborate on a regular basis to understand the breadth and scope of the various relationships between faculty members and prospective external funding organizations. Representatives of the Research Support Services Committee should be consulted so we can share information across departments to prevent working at crossed purposes and to leverage potential synergies. The Office of University Advancement is willing to work with faculty members, department chairs, and deans to develop potential relationships with funding agencies and private industry. Please contact Luba Kagan of Business Services for information on developing budgets or submitting grant proposals.

Proposal Development Flowchart pdf Provides an overview of how sponsored research proposals should be developed and approved for submittal to sponsoring agencies.

Grant Proposal Budget Template Excel Icon This three-part spreadsheet provides a budget development template, shows calculations for determining hourly pay rates for sponsored research participants, and provides an annotated example of a proposed NSF budget.

Hourly Rate Calculation for Grants and Contracts pdf Lawrence Tech's calculations for hourly compensation rates are described in this document.

NSF Data Management Plan Overview and Template pdf The National Science Foundation requires a data management plan to accompany each proposal application. This document describes data management plan requirements and provides a framework to help researchers develop a data management plan to submit with their proposal. Please see the examples of data management plans provided by University of Michigan Library for more information.

Grant and Contract Proposal Transmittal Form pdf All sponsored research project proposals must be accompanied by the Grant and Contract Proposal Transmittal Form signed by the Principal Investigator, Department Chair, Dean, and Provost. Transmittal forms are placed on file with University Advancement. Principal Investigator will obtain electronic signatures from Chair and Dean and then email the form to the Provost.

Sample NSF Progress Report pdf Filing periodic progress reports is an important part of grant and contract administration. The attached NSF progress report from Dr. Hsiao-Ping Moore has been cited by NSF as an exemplary example of progress reports for that agency. Note that several appendices have been removed from this sample file.

Export Controls Overview pdf Some research projects fall under federal export control requirements. This document provides an overview of export control regulations and identifies projects which fall under export control requirements.

International Travel with Technology and Other Equipment pdf This document provides advice for researchers traveling internationally with computers, other communication devices, and with their research data.