Undergraduate students at Lawrence Technological University are encouraged to participate in undergraduate research. To facilitate this LTU will fund ten $1000.00 undergraduate research projects.

Funded projects will be sponsored by a faculty mentor and include either basic research that produces new knowledge based on the student’s ability to analyze, synthesize, select a hypothesis and test its validity, or applied research that leads to an alternative solution to a problem based on the student’s ability to analyze, synthesize, design, and produce or simulate a product or model. Both basic and applied research projects will engage in a literature search, select appropriate research methods, draw a conclusion concerning the value of their work, provide evidence supporting that conclusion, and display or disseminate the work for public review.

Student proposals should be emailed to Assistant Provost Jim Jolly, jjolly@ltu.edu no later than November 21, 2017.  Funded projects will be announced by December 1, 2017. Funding will be made available upon announcement and will remain available for one year or until degree completion whichever comes first.

**Senior Projects are not eligible for the Presidential Undergraduate Research Award.

Proposals Deadlines:    

November 21, 2017 for Fall 2017 semester

April 1, 2018 for Spring 2018 semester                              

Click here for research requirements and application details.