Oral Presentations

Oral presentations will use PowerPoint and should be no longer than 15 minutes. A moderator will introduce, facilitate and close the oral sessions. Presentations will be scheduled in time slots, grouped in the same area with presentations from the same session topic.  Oral presentations for Research Day 2014 will occur in one of two sessions:

A141, A147, A200, 9:00-10:00

A133, A141, A147, A200, 10:15-11:15

For full schedule access the Research Day 2014 Website

Poster/Exhibit Presentation

All presenters will stand in front of their respective posters from 12:30pm-2:30pm to have a conversation with the Research Day attendees.

A200 Lobby, 12:30-2:30

Poster Hanging

  • Poster Board Dimensions: try to keep size within 3 feet x 4 feet
  • Binder clips will be provided for hanging posters on foam core
  • Presenters print their poster at the UTLC print desk
  • Tables, electrical connections and data projectors for digital presentations are available and must be requested at the time of abstract submission. Wall space will be used for projection.

 For full schedule access the Research Day 2014 Website