To prepare for the HLC visit, in the spring of 2018 LTU established a team of faculty, staff and administration to help spearhead LTU’s submission for re-accreditation, including the submission of all required materials and the preparation for the HLC team visit in the fall of 2020. It is the responsibility of this team to work with the rest of the LTU community in order to gather, organize and present the evidences needed to demonstrate the unique excellence of our institution.

The members of the HLC 2020 LTU Team are as follows:

Jim Jolly Assistant Provost (Co-Chair)
Scott Shall Associate Dean and Associate Professor - College of Architecture and Design (Co-Chair)
Pavlo Tsebro Assistant Professor, Finance, CoBIT
Liping Liu Associate Professor - College of Engineering
Lynn Miller-Wietecha Director - eLearning Services
Dan Shargel Assistant Professor, Humanities, Social Sciences and Communication, CoAS
Colette Sherfey Associate Director, LTU Advising