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Admissions and Applications

All graduate applications admitted below a 3.0 or without the required undergraduate degree(s) need to be signed off by College Dean (or Associate Dean) or Dean

of Graduate Studies in addition to the Program Director. Admissions will not issue admit letters without two signatures for applicants that do not meet the minimum published graduate admission requirements for their programs.

All graduate student applications that were denied by one college or program and are applying to a different Lawrence Tech graduate program or college will have to also be signed by the College Dean of the admitting college or the Dean of Graduate Studies.

Student holding a three-year undergraduate degree can be eligible for admission subject to the University's approved procedures for evaluating three-year degrees.

Academic Honor Code for Graduate Students

Academic Honor Code Handbook  

Student Academic Honor Code Form for Graduate Students 

    Grading Procedures for Dissertations and Theses

    Doctoral Programs - Doctoral dissertations at Lawrence Tech require completion of between 24 to 30 equivalent credit hours of research work. The research work is divided into an equivalent of eight or ten three-credit courses for tracking purposes. The student’s dissertation chair and committee evaluate their progress at the end of each phase of the dissertation process. Students are not allowed to proceed to the next dissertation phase until the dissertation committee approves their work in the current phase. For tracking purposes, grades for each of the eight three-credit courses are recorded in Banner as follows:

    • DBA and DMIT programs in the College of Management – Students successfully completing each of the eight three-credit dissertation courses have a grade of “P” (pass) awarded for that phase of their research. Students who have not yet completed the phase have a grade of “I” (incomplete) recorded for that phase.
    • DEMS program in the College of Engineering – Students successfully completing each of the ten three-credit dissertation courses have a grade of “IP” (dissertation in progress) awarded for that phase (the DEMS “IP” grade is equivalent to the DBA/DMIT “P” grade for the purposes of tracking dissertation progress). Students who have not yet completed the phase have a grade of “I” (incomplete) recorded for that phase.

      The dissertation itself cannot be completed until the dissertation committee approves the entire body of work, the student’s dissertation, and their defense of the dissertation. When a DEMS student has successfully completed and defended his/her dissertation, all “IP” grades are converted to “P” grades.

      Master’s Programs - Master’s degree students at Lawrence Tech have the option of pursuing a master’s thesis for many degrees. The thesis comprises between three and eight hours of equivalent study depending on the academic program, and may be divided into two or more classes. Depending on the length of the thesis project, student may receive grades using one of two formats:

      • For a thesis requiring a single course, a traditional letter grade is awarded.
      • For a thesis requiring multiple course enrollments, an “IP” (thesis in progress) or “I” (incomplete) grade at the end of each thesis class, with grades changed to a letter grade when the student's thesis is approved by his/her committee.
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