The Provost's Office works with the college Deans and the Faculty Senate to develop and document policies to ensure the quality of Lawrence Tech's academic programs. The Faculty Handbook PDF  documents the governance structure and processes here at Lawrence Tech to develop policies.

Administrative Practice for Doctoral Supervision

This practice clarifies administrative practice related to the 2012 Faculty Handbook, Section 2.1.1, Primary Academic Teaching Provisions: n) supervising no more than five (5) concurrent doctoral student dissertations.

Doctoral dissertations are typically supervised by one (1) full-time LTU faculty member who is academically qualified in the area of the student's study. Thee may be isolated cases where a doctoral student dissertation is co-chaired between two faculty members. In these cases, each co-chaired dissertation counts as one (1) student towards each faculty member's limit of five (5) concurrent doctoral student dissertations.

The department chair and the faculty members are to determine how the associated dissertation credits are accumulated and recorded for purposes of future release time or payout (this will usually be a 50/50 split). If a doctoral student dissertation is shared between two faculty members, both faculty members must be listed in Banner as instructors for all dissertation course CRNs.

Co-chairships are treated as exceptions to policy but can be justified under circumstances such as:

  • The faculty members are CO-PIs on externally funded research projects.
  • The faculty members serve as the technical expert on separate portions of the research scope of work.
  • The faculty members are equally qualified (as demonstrated by their scholarly record) in the same domain of research as outlined in the scope of work.


This administrative practice has been approved by the doctoral program directors and deans of the College of Engineering and Management, in collaboration with the Dean of Graduate Studies. The decision was shared with the Deans' Council in November 2012.