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Department Chairs and Academic Program Directors are faculty members who agree to serve as academic leaders within their home department. They are the primary link between the College administration and the faculty and the success of their academic programs depends in large part on their effective leadership and management skills.

The resources in this section are provided to help Department Chairs and Academic Program Directors improve their performance and contributions to the University. Many of the following links point to an excellent collection of materials from the American Council on Education:

Good Practices for Department Chairs and Program Directors

Department Chair Workshop - June 16, 2010

New Department Chair Workshop - July 22, 2010

Department Chair Workshop - June 15, 2011

Department Chair Workshop - June 14, 2012

Annual Activity Timeline for Department Chairs

An Annual Activity Timeline for Department Chairs is provided to assist Chairs in planning their annual work schedule. The Timeline lists activities by month and includes e-mail links to the administrator(s) responsible for the activities.

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