Building a Supportive Department Culture

Effective Communication for Conflict Resolution

Presentation by Matthew Cole, Ph.D.  Psychology Program Director, Lawrence Tech

Conflict resolution is a process of working through opposing views in order to reach a common goal or mutual purpose.

To be an effective communicator, we must listen.

  • 55% of communication is nonverbal.
  • 38% is in the tone of the voice.
  • 7% of effective communication is the words.
Keys to effective conflict resolution:
  •      Consider changing how you react to the person
  •      Stay flexible
  •      Check out the facts first
  •      Act with respect for yourself and others
  •      Own your feelings – making "I" statements
  •      Focus on solving the problem, not placing blame
  •      There’s no time like the present
  •      Change how you react to the person