Lawrence Tech's Academic Program Planning and Review (APPR) process ensures that each academic program is reviewed at least every three years. This collaborative process involves a department self-study, review by the Provost's Office, and a planning discussion between the Provost's Office, Dean's Office, department chair, and program director. The results of the APPR process support the University's annual budget process, the department's academic program development, and the University's enrollment management strategy.

The APPR Repository, accessed from this page and updated each summer, includes all resources needed by departments to conduct their program reviews:

  • Lawrence Tech's APPR template, a Microsoft Word document containing the review questions and interpretive information
  • Comprehensive datasets prepared by the Office of Institutional Research containing demographic, enrollment, graduation, retention, and faculty information, plus an interpretive guide to the datasets
  • Completed APPR documents from prior rounds, including comments from the Provost's Office and College responses to those comments
  • A comprehensive schedule for future program reviews. The fourth round of APPR reviews will be conducted in Fall 2017- Fall 2019. The Review Cycle for Round 4 is based on professional accreditation visit schedules, known issues needing attention in the programs, and balanced workload for department chairs.

Lawrence Tech's APPR process is supported by an Academic Program Planning and Review Advisory Committee, which also provides advisory support to departments as they develop new academic programs. For more information on Lawrence Tech's APPR process, please contact Jim Jolly, Assistant Provost.

APPR Repository

The APPR Repository contains all of the documents listed below plus other resources for academic program directors. To access the repository:

1. Make sure you're logged into canvas at

2. Then, click on the link to access the APPR canvas Org.

2017 Program Demographic Files

Architectural Engineering
Art and Design
Civil Engineering
Electrical Engineering
Mechanical Engineering
Natural Science
APPR Round 4 Review Schedule
APPR Round 4 Template
Interpretive Guide to APPR Datasets
Academic Program Costing Workshop Notes

2012 HLC Presentation

Lawrence Tech's APPR process was presented at the 2012 Annual Conference of the Higher Learning Commission. You may download the Conference Presentation and Contributed Paper for review.